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Rapoo M10 Plus muis RF Draadloos Optisch 1000 DPI Ambidextrous

€ 7,00
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Wireless Optical Mouse
Reliable 2.4G wireless connection 1000 DPI high-definition tracking engine Up to 9-month battery life Fashionable and colorful

Reliable 2.4G wireless connection
Reliable 2.4G wireless connection with up to 10-meter working range.

Up to 9-month battery life
With Rapoo's latest energy saving technology and power switch, you can use your mouse without power interruption for up to 9 months.

1000 DPI high-definition tracking engine
You’ll enjoy responsive and smooth cursor control with the 1000 DPI high-definition invisible tracking engine.

Fashionable and colorful
You can always find your favorite color like blue which represents calm, red which represents passion and black which represents steady.