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Ewent EW3985 netvoeding & inverter Universeel 65 W Zwart

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Charger for laptops up to 15,6 inch

Do you want a new or an additional charger for your notebook? The EW3985 Slim Notebook Charger is suitable for laptops up to 15,6 inch. Take the charger easily along with you thanks to the slim design. The extra-long cable gives you more freedom of movement. There are 10 tips enclosed for the most common-used notebooks. Do you need another tip? Check the free tip service on our website.

- Slim size universal charger: easy to take along
- Charge notebooks and ultrabooks up to 15,6 inch
- 10 tips included
- Fourfold protection: over temperature, over voltage, over current, short circuit
- Stops charging when the battery is full