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Case 727-22 Black M-ATX USB 3.0 "Steel Brushed" NO PSU

€ 26,55
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•Easy to assemble and dismantle
•Excellent chassis structure with EMI/TUV/UL/Intel approved
•Sharpless-crimped-edged whole structure
•SECC/SGCC rustproof and galvanized steel available
•PSUs are Intel P4 and AMD processors compatible
•Optional cooling fan for better ventilation or Noiseless fan available
•Full range chassis is for maket demand
•Neat edge W/O bur
•Stable quality warranty
•Optional color panel design available
•PCI Hole available
•8cm or 9cm fan available for chassis
•727 Case dimensions(Barenss Case) 35*17.5*35cm(L*W*H)