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Linkworld LC727-21 Mini-Toren 450W Zwart computerbehuizing

€ 41,25
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- Easy to assemble and dismantle
- Excellent chassis structure with EMI/TUV/UL/Intel approved
- Sharpless-crimped-edged whole structure
- SECC/SGCC rustproof and galvanized steel available
- PSUs are Intel P4 and AMD processors compatible
- Optional cooling fan for better ventilation or Noiseless fan available
- Full range chassis is for maket demand
- Neat edge W/O bur
- Stable quality warranty
- Optional color panel design available
- PCI Hole available
- 8cm or 9cm fan available for chassis
- 727 Case dimensions(Barenss Case) 35*17.5*35cm(L*W*H)